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greetings everyone,

i'm living outside chicago in a place called countryside or la grange, it's according to what map you're looking at. anyway, i really need to find a place to play. sometimes i'll go to the harlem ave. lounge on thursday nights but it get's old playing "solos" all the time.

i would appreciate any and all suggestions.  

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I've just started hosting an open mic at a spot called Goldie's Pub.  It's in the city, at 3839 N. Lincoln Ave.  Every Thursday night, 8:30 signup with the show at 9.  You're more than welcome to come by, although it's probably even further away from you than the Harlem Lounge...

hey man, thanks so much. 

Of course!

If you're on Facebook, we have a group as well:

on my way over right now.


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